The Active Fiber Systems GmbH is located in Jena, known as ‘city of photonics’ in Germany. As a spin-off company from both the Fraunhofer IOF Jena and the Institute of Applied Physics at the University of Jena, the Active Fiber Systems GmbH represents the expertise of innovative solid-state laser development.

Fiber lasers enjoy an excellent reputation as power-scalable diode-pumped solid-state laser concept. Their immunity against thermo-optical issues is combined with efficiency and high performance in fiber based amplification. During the last decade, ultra-short pulse fiber laser systems have been developed in Jena’s institutes. The laboratory results are ground-breaking; several world records in performance are held by those institutes.

The mission of Active Fiber Systems GmbH (AFS) is to transfer experimental results to reliable laser systems suitable for scientific and industrial applications. Among the remarkable features of AFS's pulsed fiber lasers are their compact dimensions, considerably reduced production costs as well as flexible and outstanding laser parameters, which can be customized.

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Customized pre- and main amplifiers

Fiber amplifiers are able to provide several orders of magnitude of gain and can be adapted to boost smallest input signals. These features make ytterbium-doped fiber-based amplifiers to the ideal platform for customized amplifier solutions.


High performance femtosecond fiber laser systems


Wavelength range   1020 nm – 1070 nm
Minimal input performance   >200µW average power
Input repetition rates   10 kHz – 100 MHz
Optional pulse picker   to address repetition rates between single-shot and 100 MHz
Output pulse energy   up to 10 mJ
Output average power   up to 1,4 kW
Beam quality   close to diffraction-limited (M2 <1.3)

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Office space as well as laboratories for development and production of AFS GmbH is located at the Beutenberg Campus in Jena.

Active Fiber Systems GmbH
Ernst-Ruska-Ring 11
07745 Jena

Office: +49 3641 63379-0
Fax: +49 3641 63379-10

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Active Fiber Systems GmbH
Ernst-Ruska-Ring 11
07745 Jena, Germany
Office: +49 3641 63379-0
Fax: +49 3641 63379-10

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